Data Visualization with d3.js

📊 A good visualization means a thousand words.

You're looking for some data visualization for your application, website or research that tells a story and leaves the user with clear insights.

I'm a data scientist specializing in data visualization. I create visualizations that are clear and allow users to make decisions or get clear insights. From research to data cleaning to design and visualization, I manage the entire data science pipeline.

I mainly use d3.js, with strong experience with Javascript and across the MERN stack, using these technologies:

  • SVG/Canvas visualisations with d3.js
  • plot.ly, Highcharts, chart.js
  • React & Vue, MERN stack (MongoDB, Express, React, Node)
  • Pandas, Jupyter

When you check out my portfolio, you'll find some examples of the work I do.
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